Late spring or early summer of 2020, around the George Floyd events, my friend Elizabeth messaged me a cool idea:

“There have been reports of difficulty connecting to the internet at in-person protests. Can we make an app with helpful information, such as protest tips and bail resources, that protestors could access without an internet connection?”

Some work later, we have Protest Pal! …

Are things really this important, or is my personality just “worrier”?

In middle school I worried about how attractive I came off to girls

In high school, same thing

Late high school, when it was time for college applications and decisions, I worried more about why I didn’t spend more…

Indian Student Association barn dance, an event that plays minimal Indian music and does not provide refunds.

I was at this barn dance with my girl at the time. Not a big, red barn like Old McDonald’s, but more a one-story warehouse-esque hall with a DJ and party lights.


Covid 19

Running a mile barefoot

Walking around on my toes the next day cuz I tore some skin off the bottom of my feet

Playing ranked in a children’s video game and placing in the top 3% of my region

Calling Call of Duty Mobile a “children’s game” for…

“Calculus 3”

Spring 2018 (as title),

I’m at Sushi Ichiban with my girl at the time.

My calculus TA walks in with a companion (relationship unknown).

I recognize my TA; she recognizes me; we acknowledge each other; we move on with our evenings…while I’m laughing at the thought that both…

June 1:
. Ideation with Elizabeth
. Made google doc
. Elizabeth gathered some research

June 2:
. Niharika joined
. Pragya joined
. Interviewed Markus
. Gathered some design inspiration
. Elizabeth bf joined as logo design yaaa

June 3:
. Made flutter project, hello world
. …

Ranked Call of Duty Mobile, but in LinkedIn fashion…

Hi, I’m Vivek Bhookya and I’m going to give you some tips on how to achieve the highly-coveted (re: not really) Legendary rank in the world’s most popular mobile game (citation needed), Call of Duty Mobile.

<Disclaimer about various privileges I…

Vivek Bhookya

Be kind do good @mrvivacious

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